In a Bad Mood? Here Are 3 Ways to Get it Together Before it Affects Your Work

Bad Mood


Whether you like it or not, our emotions play a huge role in our everyday lives at work. The average worker could be cracking up with their friends over a Reddit meme one morning, and feel exasperation over their home commute in the middle of rush hour later that same day. It all results in a rollercoaster of highs and lows that could affect your well-being. Bad moods are especially tricky, because they affect how people see you at work … in a negative way.

The key is putting your emotions in check, not letting them get the best of you. Here are three ways to do just that.

Focus On The Now Instead of Pointing Fingers

Whenever we’re in a bad mood, the kneejerk reaction is to blame someone for the problem: Your officemate, your boss, the weather, or traffic. Sure, any of them might have been the cause of the problem, but only you are responsible for how you react.

For example, if your boss gave you a last-minute project with a tight deadline, whining about how unreasonable it is won’t get you anywhere. Instead, focus on the solution — ask for an extension, get help, or tell your boss why the deadline isn’t doable.

Go on a Walk

Exercise is a simple but effective way to step back and calm down. Studies show that a brisk walk can do wonders for improving your mood; if you’re feeling particularly stressed out at work, leave your desk and walk around your block for around 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll be surprised just how better you feel when you return to work.

Set “Mini” Goals Each Day

Maintaining a rhythm of steady and consistent work will help give you a sense of satisfaction, even if you’re in a foul mood. You want to plan your day with “mini” goals, or a series of to-dos, in mind. There will be days when you won’t be able to check off all the goals on your list, but ending your day having accomplished more than 50 percent of your to-dos should still give you a reason to feel good about yourself, good mood or not.

Overall, managing your bad mood at work is about taking a breather and not reacting rashly. Interested in more guides like this? Learn more from the workforce management experts of Star StaffingContact our team of experts today!