How to Close Your Next Interview With Confidence and Style

Close Your Interview


Many employment agencies know that the last thing you’d want to do is leave a job interview without making a lasting impression — one that will ensure your name will be in the hiring manager’s short list of candidates.

Fortunately, there are techniques for closing an interview professionally, four of which have been outlined below.

Leave The Interviewer With a Memorable Hook

Narrow down your best skills or characteristics to a list of five items — these will be your key distinguishing points. These selling points, however, need to be explained in concrete terms.

For example, if you describe yourself as a strong communicator with a great work ethic, it’ll be hard to stand out from the competition. In contrast, phrasing your skills and experience in terms of number of years, or by citing hard data (e.g., I increased sales by # percent in my last position) makes you more memorable and grounded in reality.

Ask a Follow-Up Question

Just when you’re about to close the interview, ask the hiring manager if you can provide any last piece of information to make their job easier. It could be an additional reference, more information about a specific part of your work history, or something else that might have piqued their interest but wasn’t expounded in your resume.

Talk About the Next Step

Make it a point to show that you’re keen on moving on to the next step. Ask the hiring manager what happens next, or when you can expect to move forward in the interview process. The trick is sounding interested, but not at the expense of being pushy.

Reiterate Your Interest in the Job

At the very end of the interview, close things off by pointing out your interest in the job. Say something like, “Before this interview, I really took my time to research the role and the company, and I believe I could do a lot of good here. Will you let me know when you can make a decision?”

This closing statement shows the hiring manager you’re confident that you’ll be a great fit with the company. And confidence can be all it takes to make or break your chances of being hired.

Although it’s important to close the interview strong, your approach should depend on the job you’re applying for, your personality, and the person you’re talking to. For more interview tips, talk to the staffing services experts of Star Staffing! Contact us today.


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