How to Become an Employer of Choice

In a candidate driven market, standing out as an employer of choice is more important than ever. Beyond a paycheck, many candidates are seeking a positive company culture they fit into, perks that keep them motivated and management that listens and appreciates a job well done.

While some of these things may be easier said than done, taking small steps can add up in a big way resulting in the recruitment and retention of top-talent and a reputation that will last beyond the current economic climate.

  1. Company Culture isn’t just one thing, it’s a combination of things that allows employees to feel a part of the company, where they can build relationships and grow as a professional. Culture fit is the right match for the right company so it’s important that candidates understand the core values of the company so they can assess the match. Recognition, team spirit, perks, and training opportunities are all pieces that can contribute to a company’s culture. Be sure you are sharing the essence of your culture through social media, career pages and any other medium you are using to recruit.
  2. Employee Perks can range from small things like a company t-shirt or casual Friday to bigger perks like additional vacation days, gym memberships or cash bonuses. At Star Staffing, we stock the refrigerator during peak seasons, offer employee bonus programs and allow for flexibility to attend children’s school or community events.
  3. Access to Management creates an open dialogue between employees and leadership. Transparency, honesty, and communication are key. Leaders should be comfortable sharing the company’s plans, needs, and issues on a regular basis. Celebrate successes as a team and share in the rewards. On the flip side, no company is perfect, don’t be afraid to acknowledge where you need improvement. It may generate creative, innovative ideas from the people who know your company the best.

Solicit feedback to find out what matters most to your employees and then take action. By being involved in the process and having a say, employees will feel heard and appreciated. Feedback will also help you focus in the right direction so you’re not spending time or money on things that your employees don’t really care about.

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