How to Use Your Anxiety to Create a Productive Mindset

Turn Your Anxiety into Positivity


While anxiety may seem like an abstract concept to some, many of today’s workers and job seekers see it as a legitimate cause of their stress, making them feel constantly nervous and afraid to move forward in life. Entire books have been dedicated to “beating” anxiety or “getting rid” of it, but what if there was a way to tap into all that nervous energy and turn it into something productive?

Below are a few creative tricks to turn your anxiety into a productivity booster.


Acknowledge Your Anxiety

If you want to change your mindset about anxiety, you must first recognize it as a fact of life. Feeling stressed and anxious about your anxiety only makes the problem worse. Instead of freaking out, step back and remind yourself that what you’re feeling is a natural reaction when confronted with new or uncertain situations.


Let it All Out

One of the most cathartic techniques to relieve your anxiety is to let all your worries out on paper. Writing down all your thoughts and worries will help release your pent-up stress and frustration, allowing you to see what’s in your mind on paper. This will give you a more objective perspective of what’s worth worrying about and what isn’t.


Identify Productive and Unproductive Worries

Oftentimes, we worry about things that, in the grand scheme of things, should only be a minor annoyance—not something that will ruin your entire day. This is what’s known as an unproductive worry.

These worries, while still causing anxiety, usually concern things you have no control over whatsoever. In the office setting, it can be an executive-level decision about where your company is heading. For job seekers, it could be the agonizingly long wait for the hiring manager to come up with a decision or call you back.

Learn to let go of things you don’t have control over, and you’ll find yourself worrying less.


Put That Adrenaline to Good Use

All that nervous energy and restlessness you feel when you’re anxious is caused by adrenaline, a hormone triggered during the body’s fight-or-flight response. But instead of wasting that adrenaline fidgeting and pacing around, why not put it to good use? Athletes use the nervous feelings before a major game or match to hone their focus and visualize their responses to situations. If you’re looking for a job, this same approach can be applied when preparing for an interview.

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