How COVID-19 Has Changed Hiring & Recruiting

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Luckily, for most hiring managers and recruiters, technology has long since been a tool you’ve been utilizing. From job boards to applicant tracking systems and social media, there are many tools to choose from. To attract those on a job search in Sonoma County Ca, Star Staffing utilizes multiple avenues. We take pride in our diverse outreach plan to find the very best candidates.


Now is the time to maximize your efforts, embrace available tools, and most importantly, be on the lookout for new opportunities. Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring or recruiting during the pandemic.


New Talent Opportunities Are Being Created

The pandemic has caused some sectors to downsize or put hiring on hold, which means the talent pool is seeing a sudden boost. Candidates that were not available previously are now open to new opportunities. If your industry is still hiring across the board, you may want to think of industries that have recently downsized. Look for industries with a skill set similar to what you need. Focus on transferable skills that candidates can bring, even if it’s not specific to your industry.


Remote Opportunities Are More Desirable

With competing priorities, like remote schooling, many parents require a position with more flexibility, including fully remote. If remote work isn’t something your company has fully embraced, it’s time to rethink how to structure your workforce. If full-time remote positions are not an option, consider a hybrid model.  Or adjust the position to offer more remote hours. Be creative so you can take advantage of the great talent that you might not otherwise have access to.


Peak Interest by Leveraging Technology

Beyond Zoom or other video features in place of in-person interviews, there are other tools you can utilize to stand out. Pandemic or not, creating a video to give an inside look at a role or company culture is a unique way to stand out to candidates. A 2-minute video explaining the role and why someone would want to join your team gives a human feel to your job posting and may provide a stronger candidate pool. These don’t need to be fancy, a simple vidyard video or even a quick iPhone video will work.


Completely Remote Onboarding

Initial phone screens haven’t changed much. So, after either additional phone or video interviews – a selection has been made. Now what? Remote onboarding must be thoughtful and thorough. Check out our checklist and see what needs to be adjusted. Do supplies need to be shipped or can a pickup be made? Can training be done remotely, and if on-site training is necessary, how can you do it safely? If you think more upfront work will need to be done, you may want to delay a start date a few additional days so you can prepare. Be sure to set up checkpoints once the employee comes on board to ensure they feel supported. As with any new hire, setting them up for success initially will have a better outcome long term for the employee and the company.



We are here to make your job search in Sonoma County, CA smooth, fast, and efficient! With an online application, it’s easy to get started. Reach out to us at 707-575-5005 or complete our contact form to reach a team member in your area.


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