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With the disruption that 2020 has brought, it’s important to prioritize workplace resolutions that take into account your employees, the communities around them, and the challenges they’ve faced. Kick-off strong company leadership in 2021 prepared to model empathy, flexibility, inclusivity, accountability, and healthy living. Here are four key 2021 workplace resolutions to get started!

Resolution #1: Prioritize Employees and Their Growth

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset and should be treated as such. Investing in their professional growth, office space, and well-being is a direct investment in your business. In fact, 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if the company invested in helping them learn.

Investing in your employees can take the form of offering opportunities for career growth, creating clear career ladders, attending virtual industry conferences, and encouraging continuing education. Revisit the office environment to better fit employee’s needs or work with your employees to make sure their home offices promote good work and good health. Check in to make sure your employees have the tools to do their job to the best of their ability.

With an increasingly remote workforce, it’s important to ensure that remote employees feel connected to their teams, the company, and the mission. Especially for companies with a hybrid model of some in-office and some remote, bridging the communication gap is imperative. Now that it’s been nearly a year of potentially hybrid workforces, take a company-wide survey asking where internal communications and company culture work best or where there needs to be more communication. Encourage your team to provide feedback openly about how your company could be more effective.

Resolution #2: Prioritize Health and Wellness

Between social isolation, political disarray, shifts in day-to-day work processes, families requiring a more flexible schedule to accommodate kids – we must be active and intentional to keep employees engaged, energized, and most importantly, healthy.

While some remote workers are fast approaching a year of being out of the office, and in-office workers continue jumping through various (and necessary) hoops to stay safe, employee health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Here are some ways you can directly support your employees and their family’s health:

  • Host a free flu shot clinic that takes place during and after work hours
  • Be proactive about keeping the office stocked with a variety of cold and flu season necessities. The thoughtfulness of a quick delivery of over-the-counter medications sent right to the workplace or directly to your employees’ home offices can go a long way. Employees that feel supported, stay at companies longer, and feel more dedicated to their work.
  • Encourage work-life balance and honor boundaries that employees may set
  • Offer a fitness stipend that employees can spend on home equipment or a regimented workout app instead of a gym membership.
  • Share best practices about wellness at work including good posture for a better back at work to time-blocking for better mental agility to the importance of taking breaks.

Health is broader than not getting sick – it includes being active, eating a balanced diet, and a focus on mental health. Implementing these health-supporting initiatives powers employees to stay active, connect with teammates around health, and live their resolution into a lifestyle.

Resolution #3: Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion 

With 2020 driving political unrest and racial justice movements, the need for strategic, transparent corporate action is inescapable. Begin 2021 strong by challenging your company to reach beyond their diversity policies to foster a deep culture of inclusivity.

This often starts with company leadership. Does your company have a fair representation of your local demographics? If not, it’s time to set goals with deadlines for getting in more diverse individuals to have a voice in the direction of your company.

Companies have also built employee counsels that can provide this representation and a hub for discussion. Make this a space for all voices from every level to be heard and listen to them!

Consider taking it one step further and encourage your employees to be safely civically involved in their local communities. This past election season, companies implemented extra PTO to ensure employees had time to vote. Others even went so far as to have election bulletin boards they kept updated with local election information, encouraging civic engagement all year round.

Resolution #4: Prioritize Corporate and Individual Social Responsibility

The health of our local communities’ matter – when they thrive, the companies within those communities also thrive. Starting in 2021, create or revisit your corporate philanthropy efforts. This could be as simple as actively choosing to support small, local businesses versus larger chains and encouraging your employees to do the same.

Companies are empowering their employees to volunteer in their communities by offering designated PTO days for community engagement. You can coordinate volunteer opportunities for them to sign up or you can encourage employees to find their own opportunities supporting causes they believe in.

More companies are partnering with local nonprofit organizations to support their initiatives for the upcoming year. Many nonprofits are struggling due to massive decreases in financial support from local community members who are suffering from the pandemic’s economic toll. Consider hosting a drive to collect items for them, run a fundraiser, or allocate a grant from the company budget, your local nonprofit will be grateful.


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