Disrupt Gender Bias in Your Next Performance Review

Disrupt Gender Bias in Your Next Performance Review

Gender bias in the workplace is an age-old phenomenon. Even though stats support the success of gender-mixed leadership, gender continues to provide opportunities for discrimination. Not to mention gender discrimination leaves employees feeling unengaged and decreases morale. But these biases aren’t limited to only women. Men and non-binary individuals can experience the negative impact of gender bias as well.

However, gender stereotyping is often an unconscious thought pattern. So, it’s critical to always be prepared to objectively combat antiquated thought patterns. That said, how can you overcome the barriers of gender bias in the workplace? Here are a few strategies to help make sure that your performance is the focus of your next review.

Ruthlessly Self-promote

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Keep notes of your contributions so you’re ready to describe them in detail. Use opportunities to keep managers focused on your specific achievements so that when they have the opportunity, they’ll be more likely to speak on your behalf.

Disrupt Gender-related Stereotypes

Traditionally, men are viewed as the more assertive and competitive gender, while women are seen as the sensitive and sympathetic counterparts. When pursuing leadership roles, emanating counter-stereotypical behaviors can rattle any preconceived gender biases your management may have.




Promote and Support Diversity in the Workplace

With a spectrum of gender identities now recognized in the workplace, supporting diversity in hiring practices can help reduce the impact of all types of stereotyping. Simply starting the conversation about gender bias can bring awareness which may birth a culture of inclusivity that’s ready for change.

It’s good practice to be aware of your own language. Model behavior that supports facts and avoids giving in to emotional triggers.

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