Employee Appreciation is More Important Than You Might Think

In recent years, research and surveys have shown that there is a direct connection between employee engagement and employee recognition. But employee appreciation means much more than just giving kudos in a meeting or putting their name on a plaque.

Here’s what employees want you to know about employee recognition and what you want to know regarding employee recognition’s impact on your business.

How Employees Want To Receive Recognition

Unfortunately, one size does not fit all when it comes to employee recognition. While having a recognition structure in place, such as bonuses and other perks, it’s also important for management to get to know their staff. Genuine relationships allow for personalized recognition and can convey a deeper sense of value to staff.

Surveying staff’s preferences and researching what other companies are doing when it comes to staff recognition can give insight into what constitutes meaningful recognition in practical terms. But be sure to avoid the pitfalls of employee recognition, such as a tendency towards favoritism, which can actually undermine recognition efforts.

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How Proper Recognition Can Impact Your Business

When staff feel appreciated, they’re much more likely to stick around––and it’s no secret that retention and productivity go hand in hand. An overall sense of employee satisfaction can positively impact factors like teamwork and mental health. And don’t forget your managers, healthy management begets healthy employees.

Peer-to-peer recognition and management-to-peer recognition go a long way, especially when visible. But other perks like bonuses, paid time off, and professional development opportunities can make a huge impact when it comes to employee engagement. And it’s important to remember that employee recognition doesn’t always have to be a solo show. Make sure throughout the year to recognize the efforts of teams and even your staff at large.


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