How to Tell If Your Applicant Is Dependable

How to Tell if Your Applicant is Dependable


Applicants often extensively prepare to present themselves favorably during the interview and hiring process. They do their best to highlight their strengths, but are not always forthcoming about their weaknesses.

Employers should focus on identifying traits they want in a new hire, and frame questions in a way that demonstrates how good of a fit the applicant is for the position. Frequent absences and tardiness are among the top reasons people are fired, and determining an applicant’s consistency and commitment is critical.

Below are excellent questions to ask during an interview to gauge a candidate’s reliability.

  1. How Many Days of Work Did You Miss Last Year?

Most full-time employees have a limited number of sick days and personal days, and part-time employees may not have any days. Knowing how many days an applicant has called off in the previous year indicates how dependable they are to show up for work.

  1. Tell Me About a Time You Were Late for an Engagement.

Almost everyone has showed up late at least once, but their explanation for their tardiness will help show if they are prone to being late. If they blame traffic or other people, the answer reveals a failure to accept responsibility, an indication that they fail to hold themselves accountable.

  1. If You Were About to Complete an Assigned Task, What Would You Do?

This question explores how an employee would handle questions with an assignment, and if they would immediately ask for clarification. The quicker an employee asks follow-up questions to ensure the job is done right, the more consistent their work output will be.

  1. What Would You Do If You Finished Your Work Before the End of the Day?

Is the candidate inclined to ask for additional tasks, or leave early? A good worker will respond with an answer indicating eagerness to request additional work.

  1. Tell Me About a Time You Quit a Job.

Did the person give two weeks’ notice? Did they leave for a legitimate reason? You want to find an applicant who understands that their employer will need to find a replacement upon announcing resignation. Demonstrating professionalism when leaving a job is a good indication that a candidate is reliable.

  1. How Do You Respond to Pressure?

 If a candidate can explain how they handle adversity, you can perceive if they are inclined to work through challenges, or will simply just give up.

Use the hiring and interview process to your advantage, and craft questions that will indicate how reliable an applicant is. If you would like help with constructing interview questions, contact Star Staffing today.