Top Manufacturing Podcasts Everyone Should Listen To

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Podcasts are audio recordings that you can listen to on your computer or smartphone. Most podcasts are formatted as a series and have new installments available on a daily or weekly basis.

Podcasts not only can be listened to while you’re on the go, but also provide expert advice on specialized topics in manufacturing, and guest speakers who are industry leaders. Sometimes podcasts are also free, making then a cheaper alternative than books. Some of the most popular places to follow podcasts are Stitcher, Overcast, and Podbean.

Here are 5 of the best podcasts in the manufacturing niche.

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Podcast

New podcasts are added several times a month, and cover topics ranging from 3-D Printing to Agri Industrial plastics. Interviews with prominent players in the industry are always insightful.

  1. The Making Chips Podcast for Manufacturing Leaders

This podcast is hosted by Jim Carr and Jason Zenger, the owner of Zenger Industrial Supply. It features new episodes weekly, and bi-weekly, and has been endorsed by the International Manufacturing Technology Show and Cutting-Edge Engineering.  The series explores new innovations in the field, as well as subjects like digital marketing, diversity, and robotics. 

  1. Gary On Manufacturing – Gary Mintchell

Gary Mintchell, Founder of The Manufacturing Connection, addresses operation and information technology. At least two new podcasts are published monthly, where he shares his knowledge and expertise in employee training and security.

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Now

Advanced Manufacturing Now is an industry leader in covering news and current events in manufacturing. The podcast is updated regularly, with as many as six new episodes per month. Topics explore apprenticeships, emerging technology, and business advice.

  1. Demand Driven Podcasts

This podcast discusses demand driven manufacturing, increasing work-flow, and supply chains. There’s an excellent 5-part series entitled “Drive Flow for Demand-Driven Manufacturing,” that should not be missed.

  1. Gemba Academy

Hosted by Ron Pereira, an industry expert with nearly 20 years of manufacturing and supply chain experience, the Gemba Academy podcast covers topics like lean manufacturing and how to improve efficiency. He also hosts guests who discuss leadership issues. New episodes are published daily.


If you want to find a great way to update yourself on news in the manufacturing field, consider checking out the recommended podcasts. You can listen to them when you drive, or even while you work out. If you would like advice on how to strengthen your business, contact Star Staffing today. We’re an industry leader in the staffing business, with over 20 years of experience.