The HR Summit of the Year for Building Great Company Culture


If you’re an HR leader, people manager, or anyone wanting to build a supportive team culture at work – this ½ day virtual Summit is for you.

From working closely with hundreds of CEOs amidst mass COVID layoffs, huge social justice reforms, and changes in our day-to-day of how and where we work – two topics have overtaken conversations from the boardroom:
HR Summit 2020: Building a Great Company Culture

We’ve built our 2020 HR Summit around these 2 topics.

Join us Wednesday, October 21st for a ½ day virtual summit packed with experts on:

  • Strategies for building a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan + Top DE&I trends for 2021
  • Addressing emotions head-on, promoting employee wellness, and offering tools for employee health
  • How to attract and retain quality talent by building your unique competitive advantage
  • Building and communicating company values and getting employee buy-in

See our full HR Summit agenda here.


Building Culture in Our New Virtual Workspace

In our new work-life of virtual onboardings, virtual team-building events, virtual happy hours, virtual everything! – How can we keep the connection between our departments, teams, and individuals strong? How can we champion change for our workplace to be more supportive, more inclusive, and more diverse?

Kelly Resendez, EVP of Talent Acquisition & Development at Loanpal, will lead a talk on “Building a Culture of Results & Success”. Kelly will provide tools, tactics, and best practices for goal-setting that both increase employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

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Diversity & Inclusion: Both are Non-Negotiables Starting Yesterday

If 2020 has proven anything, it’s that having a supply of toilet paper at home is helpful, and having a strong diversity and inclusion strategy is imperative. In fact, 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities.

We have a 3 DE&I expert panel who will be discussing Spearheading Change to Create a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce”. We’ll cover tactics on how to create and ensure diversity in the workplace as well as advice for cultivating an inclusive work culture.

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Getting Leadership Ignited about HR

If you haven’t noticed, there is a huge spotlight on HR. Between creating streamlined virtual onboarding, employee engagement programs, or potentially creating the first inclusion strategy for your company and, of course, hiring! – there’s a lot on HR’s plate that needs to be created, executed upon, and implemented across departments. 

And leadership is watching closely both for company growth and also because they seek guidance. 

In our keynote, Steve Browne, VP of HR at LaRosa’s inc. looks at HR through a different lens. His talk on “Defining Your Environment – Proven Ways for HR to Lead, Own and Propel Company Culture” will inspire you to use that spotlight on HR as momentum to ignite your leadership team to leverage HR for business development and strengthening team culture. 

We’ll discuss HR through a fresh, new lens and dive deep into how building a culture of authenticity will deepen team connectivity and propel positive change within your company.

If you’re ready to make big impacts across your company, register for HR Summit 2020.



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