Tips for Managing Work From Home Jobs in Northern California

Work from home jobs in Northern California


If you are managing a team, you’ve got a lot of your plate at every given moment. Not only are you overseeing the work of your team, but you’re also managing a busy workload of your own. With many teams now working from home and spread out, the task has become even more of a challenge. Whether your team is near or far from you, here are four tips to help you effectively manage your (probably remote) team.

  1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

    If you couldn’t tell, we think communication is extremely important. People need to feel connected and know what is happening in the company for engagement to occur. Don’t worry that you’re over-communicating. With a lack of face to face time, extra information will do more good than harm. Schedule regular meetings, ideally using a video tool like zoom or Microsoft Teams. Create an agenda and stick to it. While you want to share information and connect, time is extra valuable right now so you want to make the most of the designated meeting times. Ensure meeting times will work for everyone. Many employees are balancing remote learning for their children or may even be in different time zones. Encourage your team to be honest about their availability so everyone is focused during your allotted time together.

  2. Utilize Technology & Tools

    With employees having to work around hectic schedules, having a way to track and share information on projects will help immensely. Basecamp, Asana, and Trello are just a few of the many project management tools available. Find one that fits your needs and make sure everyone is properly trained.  Figure out what tools improve your communication, not providing more work than needed. Leverage messaging features of Skype or Microsoft Teams or jump on phone calls to quickly tackle issues when that’s an option. Again, figure out which tools are right for your team and let them weigh in on what they’d like to use. Then, make sure everyone knows how to use them efficiently. Tools without training will only cause frustration so spending some extra time on the front end is well worth it.

  3. Trust Your Team

    Usually, this is very easy or very difficult (am I right?!). Teams that have been working together for some time and especially who worked together before moving to a fully remote setting, will have an easier time adjusting. Onboarding new employees will be more tricky, but definitely doable! We recommend setting clear expectations and tracking specific outcomes. Tracking outcomes over hours will help you measure success rather than simply hours spent. It’s impossible to micromanagement right now, and frankly, you’ll be spinning your wheels and driving your team crazy.

  4. Be Flexible

    Employees are struggling right now to make it all work. Working through a pandemic, figuring out how to work differently, overseeing remote learning, or home school, the lists goes on. Let your team know you will work with them and offer flexibility. Ask them not just about how you can help them with work, but ask how they are doing – simply listening and offering a sympathetic ear can make all the difference.


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