3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in 2022

3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in 2022

With job vacancies flooding the market, businesses are rethinking their strategizes for employee engagement. Because employee-driven markets can be appealing to your traditionally-loyal staff, businesses need to do more than simply motivate staff. Higher pay, better benefits, and the promise of a more manageable work-life balance are not just enticing but are now a necessity when workers are feeling uninspired on the job.

So how can your company keep your employees engaged and satisfied for the long haul? Here are a few employee engagement best practices to consider when evaluating your business’s ability to inspire innovation and increase commitment.

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1. Address Work-Life Balance Issues

Employees are experiencing burnout at increasing rates. One way to help alleviate stress on the job is by proactively making sure your staff has the tools and resources they need so they can do their job efficiently.

That could look like keeping technology and equipment up to date to increase workflow efficiency. Or it could also mean allowing flex work schedules so workers are able to meet demanding family responsibilities.

Building intentional relationships with your employees begin with effective communication. Be eager to have open, candid dialogue between staff and management including coaching or mentoring.

Not all employees are the same and a more hands-on approach can help management to distinguish between the needs of veteran staff from entry-level workers. It also improves both manager and employee engagement.

2. Update Compensation Packages

Workers will easily identify substandard wages, especially in the current working economy. This is particularly true if they’re working under hazardous and physically demanding conditions. When hiring or conducting performance reviews, personalize employees’ wages to match their job title, education, and experience.

Meaning, pay them what they’re worth. And if the payroll budget is tight, look for nonmonetary ways to reward your staff, such as perks and additional benefits.

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3. The Importance of Eliminating Disengagement

Employees disengage from their job for a host of reasons. Sometimes it can be because they feel their contribution is undervalued (see #2 above!). Other times it can stem from frustration due to a lack of advancement opportunities.

Not only do disengaged employees lose interest, but it negatively affects productivity, creative problem solving, and they are also more likely to leave a job.

Additionally, an atmosphere of disengagement in the workplace can hurt recruitment for new top talent. Disengagement hurts overall company culture – but there are ways to improve company culture.

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