How to Find A Job That Benefits Your Mental Health

How to Find A Job That Benefits Your Mental Health

Finding the right job match is important when it comes to pursuing your professional goals. But have you considered how your next career move could positively––or negatively––impact your mental health?

Here are three considerations you don’t want to overlook when looking for a job that will benefit your mental health.

1. Availability of Mental Health ResourcesApply Now 1 1 1

Finding out what benefits and resources are available to employees can help provide a pulse on a company’s general attitude toward mental health. Often on their website, a business will outline their commitment to their staff’s mental health as a part of their core values. As well, try to get to connect with current staff because they can provide insight into what it’s really like working for the company.

2. Company Culture Reviews

Look for current and previous employees’ feedback about their work experience on social media and job boards. Many job sites allow employees to rank their employment experience with a particular business and many employees even give specific feedback on salary, benefits, and work-life balance. Although, be sure to read a variety of reviews. A negative review isn’t always indicative of a bad employer.

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3. Job Description Transparency

If you read closely, job descriptions can provide subtle indications of a company’s concern for the mental health of its staff. Does the job description mention fixed work hours, or the percentage of time spent traveling? What about a person’s ability to meet hard deadlines, and be completive and resilient? High pressure, high-stress jobs tend to not make room for making mental health a priority.

Lastly, if you decide to take an interview with a company, make sure to ask open-ended questions about the company’s management styles, employee turnover rate, and benefits such as medical and paid time off. Also, if a business promotes sustainability and diversity in the workplace, odds are that work-life balance and mental health are priorities as well.


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