Local Book Utilized in Sonoma State University Entrepreneurship Program & Local Book Tour

Star Staffing, the premier staffing resource for Northern California employers and job seekers, is pleased to announce that Vice-President & Owner Nicole Smartt’s book From Receptionist to Boss was chosen as a course text for a Sonoma State University undergraduate-level management course focused on management concepts and theory from an organization’s perspective.

Assistant Professor Sergio Canavati, says, “I want my students to feel as motivated and empowered after reading From Receptionist to Boss as I did. I anticipate fascinating discussions and in-class activities spurred by Smartt’s insights and I have already received outstanding student feedback regarding how useful and practical the book is. The students and I agree that this book is an excellent companion for graduate and undergraduate management courses.”

Smartt will also begin a book tour in support of the book at various Barnes and Noble locations.

Canavati’s course also covers modern management challenges, including sustainability, diversity, and managing in the global arena. He says the book’s chapters on strategic planning, authority and delegation, networking and social media, relationship building, and communication will be the focus of several weeks of course time. Canavati believes the book will be helpful to students in addressing the personal development aspect that can be a unique source of advantage in managerial careers. With the help of the book, students can perform activities that can immediately translate into higher productivity and performance in their work environment. Examples include conducting a strengths assessment exercise mentioned in the book to help inspire students to make the best possible use of their singular skills and practicing scheduling and time management techniques to help students achieve their short-, medium-, and long-term goals. “I was thrilled when Professor Canavati requested that my book be included as a teaching tool in his course,” said Smartt. “As someone who has succeeded in business despite the lack of a formal college education, I’ve worked very hard to learn ‘on the job,’ so to speak. This history and my staffing experience give me a unique point of view into what it takes to be a valued employee and lifelong learner who helps catapult his or her own career.”

Smartt’s story is truly a, small town girl makes good. She’s worked her way up thru each rank in the staffing industry and envisioned her successes into reality each step of the way – including encouraging other young women to dream big and reach for their career goals. Her presence in the business world is influencing a new wave of young power-women and leaders getting ready to take charge.


Nicole Smartt, Book Tour Dates