3 Ways to Deal with a Boss Who Plays Favorites

How to Deal with a Boss Who Plays Favorites


Here’s the thing about favoritism: Many people are guilty of playing favorites, including teachers and even parents. And as you may have guessed, your boss probably has a few favorites in the office. Good bosses, however, have the good sense to be discreet about this and remain professional.

But what if you have a boss who’s not? Let’s say you notice your boss being particularly chummy with a co-worker, cracking jokes or talking animatedly about last night’s ball game. But when you try to join in on the conversation, you’re not getting the same reaction. But the real kicker is how the boss’ favorite seems to be getting all the big and important projects.

A boss playing favorites can be a real downer to anyone’s morale. But you shouldn’t let it stifle your career growth. Follow these pointers to deal with this problem.

  1. Be Cool

Blowing your top and whining will only make your boss see you in a negative light. In fact, if you assume the boss is playing favorites and you make a scene about it, you’re only helping to make yourself your boss’ least favorite employee.

  1. Be Honest with Yourself

Is your boss playing favorites by regularly giving one employee big projects, or does that person actually deserve them? More importantly, is the reason you’re not getting any recognition from your boss due to your performance? Take a good look at your work relationships and performance. If you’re not doing well in these areas, you can hardly expect to be noticed at work.

  1. Take Control and Find Ways to Improve

Talk to your boss and find out what you can do to be better at your job, and try to do everything you can to deliver. You can start with something like “I want to take on my first account by the end of this year,” or “My goal is to be promoted after doing X and Y,” and ask what you can do to get there. By aligning your goals with your boss’ directives, it becomes easier to get feedback and recognition. It also lets your boss know you’re serious about your job and genuinely want to excel.

And if your boss still doesn’t notice you after all your hard work, continue to focus on doing well and improving yourself.  Bad bosses will eventually self destruct, so just keep growing and you should be fine in the long run.

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