How to Make Employees Feel Appreciated: 3 Ways to Say “Thank You”

Thank You


Model employees are wonderful resources in any company, and they should be managed with the same amount of extra effort that they themselves put into their work. Making them feel appreciated is an exercise of sensitivity and proactivity that promises the best rewards in the long run.

While you might think simple rewards lose their effect as people get older, they can actually sustain star employees, keeping them from burning out and motivating them further. It can even inspire their co-workers to match their level of productivity.

Here are 3 rewards you can offer to express your appreciation for your superstar team members.


  1. Meaningful Gifts

Non-cash gifts have a lot more meaning to them as they are (usually) specific objects you chose to give to a particular person.

Aside from their utility and value, there are many ways to interpret gifts. Obviously, they would have the effect of motivating and encouraging employees to keep up their good work. But you can always take things up a notch by giving your team members something specific to the kind of good character or work ethic they demonstrated, or something relevant to the work they put out.

Some examples would include an inexpensive watch for an employee with impeccable work attendance, or a music streaming service gift card for a model employee who has a special love for music. If you take the time to know your employees, finding a suitable gift should be easy.


  1. Offer Work Flexibility

 Work flexibility is the Holy Grail of work benefits sought after by many employees. That said, your staff members are sure to appreciate being rewarded with the freedom to decide when and where to work.

Allowing employees to deviate from the traditional work model also shows that you trust them enough to let them decide on their own work terms. Allowing a model employee to work from home, say, once or twice a week, also saves them from the hassle of commuting to and from work. Think of it as an indirect money gift since you’re helping them save on their travel expenses.


  1. Growth Opportunities

It goes without saying that highly-skilled, creative, and brilliant employees are better off being leaders in their own right someday. The same employee that’s putting out great work can someday share their ideas and philosophies with others, which can only be a good thing for your organization.

What you can do is organize training opportunities for your employees — effectively preparing them to take on greater responsibilities. This, of course, goes hand-in-hand with creating positions and activities to allow them to exercise such responsibility.

If you make your employees feel loved, they’ll be more likely to stay with you for the long haul. Get more workforce management tips by following this blog. If you need access to topnotch employees, talk to the staffing services experts of Star Staffing to learn about our recruitment solutions.