4 Ways to Weave Your Industry Knowledge Into a Job Interview

Industry Knowledge


Every job seeker knows it’s important to research a potential employer before the big job interview. But doing your homework involves more than just reading the company’s “About Us” page on their website. If you really want to hit your interview out of the park, it pays to spend time getting to know the industry the company is in.

When you look up other companies on social media, read industry news, and brush up on terms people use in the industry, you are effectively arming yourself with industry knowledge that you can use to make yourself a more marketable hire during an interview.

Once you’ve done your research, the next step is to inject your industry knowledge into your job interview by carefully responding to these common interview questions:


“Can You Tell Me More About Yourself?”

Aside from being an opportunity to add to whatever may not be on your resume, this question allows you to deliver an elevator pitch that shows why you would be an ideal fit with the role, company, and industry the organization is in. You could perhaps mention a recent bit of industry news that caught your interest and explain why you think it could be beneficial to your career.


“Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

Many hiring managers expect candidates to flatter them when answering this question. Instead, you can show your industry knowledge by mentioning a recent achievement by the company or highlighting how they are a leading innovator in the industry, going into the specifics of what you think is their edge over the competition. This is a more concrete way to show your interest in the firm.


“What Can You Bring to the Table?”

If you’re applying from within the same industry, be sure to mention how many years of working experience you have, what trainings you’ve received, and what you’ve done to ensure your skills and knowledge keep up with industry developments.


“What are Your Weaknesses?”

This one’s a little trickier. If you’re new to the industry, don’t be afraid to point this out as a weakness. But be sure to make up for it by mentioning all the research you’ve done about the employer and industry, and how and where you think your skills can still come into play.

When it comes right down to it, research is the most important thing you can do to demonstrate your industry knowledge in a job interview. If your job search needs a nudge in the right direction, talk to the staffing services specialists Star Staffing! Visit our contact page today to learn about how our services can help you.