A Quick Guide on How to Prevent 5 of the Most Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries


Workplace injuries are often the culprit behind thousands of personal injury claims each year. Fortunately, many of these injuries aren’t serious enough to be life-threatening, but some can be grave and require serious medical attention.

From developing pain in your wrists due to carpal tunnel syndrome, or slipping and falling on a factory floor, many things can go wrong in your ordinary workplace. Here’s a look at the five most common workplace injuries and how you can avoid them.


Overexertion happens after excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying of heavy objects. The solution to overexertion is simple: Get someone to help you, or use the necessary equipment to accomplish the task.

If neither option is available in your workplace, learn the proper technique for moving heavy objects and take sufficient breaks in between.

Slips and Falls

Preventing slips and falls is all about reducing clutter and keeping the workspace clean. Be sure to keep floors clear of spills and other obstacles that might trip unsuspecting workers. If possible, use anti-slip coatings or mats on floors, or use the necessary footwear to protect yourself.

Falls From a Height

On the other hand, preventing falls from a height boils down to ensuring your safety equipment and ladders are in proper working order. Be sure to conduct regular inspections on your workplace’s scaffolding, ladders, harnesses, and other gear.

Pulls and Strains

The most important factor behind the prevention of pulls and strains is understanding how your body works, and being aware of the movements that have a high likelihood of causing injuries. For example, the repeated motion of bending or stooping down to pick something up from the floor could lead to back pain. On the other hand, failing to take rests when using a mouse or keyboard for hours can result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Falling Objects

Incidents of falling objects tend to happen in construction site sand industrial facilities. Be sure to wear the proper safety equipment like hard hats, boots, and overalls when working in these areas. Likewise, you and your fellow employees must be trained to stack objects safely and away from areas with high foot traffic.

These are just a few of the most basic steps you can take to improve your safety in the workplace. For more workplace safety guides, talk to the workforce management specialists of Star Staffing!




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