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Star Staffing's Virtual HR Summit is on March 3rd.

Many Of Us Were Challenged in 2020

2020 derailed many of our strategic business plans and transformed our work practices as we knew them. Although we’d like to think we’re completely out of the weeds, the reality is that 2021 brings the same business and HR challenges, reminding us that being flexible, pivoting when needed, and getting creative with business initiatives are imperative to thrive.

The Virtual HR Summit: Strategic Leadership for Ultimate Success comes at a time when businesses who want to survive must learn how successful companies are growing and increasing profitability during these challenging times. The structure of this conference is  carefully crafted to focus on thriving in this pandemic and providing the leadership skills needed to conquer ANY difficult business environment and UPLIFT your employees to do the same. You don’t want to miss this one – your team (and your investors) will thank you for it!

The Virtual HR Summit: Strategic Leadership for Ultimate Success will be hosted online on March 3rd, 2021 at 9:00 am – 12:30 pm PST. Don’t forget to register here.

Here are the 5 valuable HR lessons you’ll learn from this virtual HR Summit:


Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Virtual HR Summit

1. Learn From HR Experts

Learn straight from proven HR leaders with international experience and resilience-minded strategies to overcome not just the pandemic, but ANY business challenge that comes your way. 

Our Keynote speaker, Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40, will share necessary processes and best practices to ensure remote teams are still high-performing. 

Tracie Sponenberg, long-term HR expert and speaker, comes from The Granite Group with key insights into the best HR-minded strategies to propel your team forward during a time when many are falling back.  

2. Start and Finish 2021 Strong 

Purpose-driven leadership is crucial during a time of immense uncertainty and change. The key is to create deep, lasting relationships with your teams through positive engagement and a focused vision.

CEO and culture architect, Garry Ridge, will share his leadership lessons and communication strategies for moving forward as the leader your company needs.



3. Become a Strategic HR Leader

As HR professionals, most of us aspire to become a “Strategic HR Leader.” But do we know why? And do we know how? 

In many companies, HR is still seen as an administrative department, not the critical part of the business that it is. In order to change this, we have to first look at our own perception. Learn practical tips, stories, strategies, and advice from a former paper-pushing tactical “HR person” turned strategic HR leader: Tracie Sponenberg.

We’ll take you through, step-by-step how to turn yourself and your team into a strategic HR powerhouse!



4. Elevate Your Performance Management 

Get to know one of  Star Staffing’s shooting stars: CEO Lisa Lichty

Lisa, hailing from an award-winning HR firm, will share real-world examples of how Star Staffing shows up as people connectors during a challenging time. 

During this session, you will learn tactics to help your organization evolve its performance management to get the productive, engaged employees you want. We’ll go over processes, goal alignment, and skills management tools you can easily implement right away.

Support your teams to be the most effective and efficient they can be!



5. Discover How Metrics Give Your Team A Competitive Edge 

Kate Gibbons, Director of Marketing Operations at Star Staffing covers how HR Departments must be both people-focused and data-driven.

In this focus session, we’ll cover why being metrics-focused drives more successful quarterly and annual HR Strategies, exactly what HR metrics you should be measuring regularly, and how to best share this HR data with increasingly-interested internal stakeholders.



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There you have it, folks. The Virtual HR Consultant is designed to help you thrive, no matter the circumstances, even a global pandemic! We know you’ll walk away from this summit informed, inspired, and invigorated to make 2021 the best year yet.

Tickets are on sale for only $45. Get yours today at

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