How to Rock Your First Week on the Job!

Rock Your First Week on the Job


Your first week in your new job is important for many reasons. First, it’s a litmus test to prove that you were indeed a good hire. Second, your first week is when you can make a solid first impression with your co-workers. Third, getting off to a good start boosts your confidence, helping set the tone for the next few months.

In short, knowing you’re doing well and making friends is an invaluable boost to your morale and value as a new employee. Here are a few ways to make sure you rock your first week.

  1. Don’t Be Shy to Introduce Yourself

Now is not the time to be shy. Take the initiative to meet new people. Introduce yourself in the elevator, the lobby, and break room. If you work in a fast-paced company culture, you need to put yourself on everyone’s radar to get noticed.

Begin with your immediate colleagues, those in your team and department. Introducing yourself will help you get started on the right foot, which will be even more important as your work will have a major impact on theirs.

  1. Find a Buddy or Mentor

Be observant. Identify the many players in the company and know what their roles are as far as culture goes. Your best bet is to look for a seasoned buddy or mentor who can show you the ropes and tell you what to do and what not to.

Each company has its own unique culture, and the sooner you can fit in with the help of a veteran, the better your chances of making a good impression.

  1. Be a Smart Team Player

Everyone loves a team player, but it’s important to identify what kind of team player you want to be. Observe the dynamics of the people in your group. Who’s the top dog? Who are the eager beavers? Who isn’t excited about having you around?

Look for opportunities to make friends and show your value, but be smart about it. Don’t step on anyone’s toes during your first week, if you don’t want your teammates to resent you.

  1. Ask Questions

Take in as much information as you can on your first week. Your job is to get a handle on how things are done and how you can get your team to trust you. It’ll be easier to win them over if you show genuine interest in learning best practices and things to stay away from.

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