Star Staffing Offers Anti-Harassment Trainings

Flyer_Sexual harassment training

Star Staffing, the premier recruiting and workforce solutions agency for Northern California employers and job seekers is offering comprehensive sexual harassment training to help local companies comply with California’s training requirements. Both employee and supervisor training can be requested from the staffing agency.

Sexual harassment training (SB 1343) is now a requirement for most employees in the State of California and must be completed by January 1, 2021.

While companies may opt to offer a more expensive video option, the in-person training offered by Star Staffing will have an interactive approach with the ability to ask questions and talk through specific scenarios. The training is especially ideal for large groups who want to get it done in one sitting rather than tracking progress individually. The training is also available in English or Spanish to accommodate more of the local workforce.

“The safety and compliance of the companies we work with is a top priority,” shares Star Staffing’s HR Director Cristina Coate. “Our training not only fulfills the requirement but ensures employees are digesting the information and taking the subject seriously. MSN reports that one in three people in the US admits to having been sexually harassed at work, so there is definitely work to be done.”

With the spotlight on sexual harassment in the workplace the last few years, it’s imperative that companies put the upmost effort not only in compliance but to get ahead of any potential issues to keep their employees safe in the workplace.

“We take this topic very seriously and are proud to be able to offer this service to companies. We want to do our part to make sure every employee feels safe and comfortable at work,” says Star Staffing President Nicole Serres.

Companies can connect with their Star Staffing representative, fill out the request form, or call 707-762-4447 to schedule a training.