Who Should Work With a Staffing Firm?

Resume and application

Have you ever wondered why people use staffing firms to find work? Maybe you’re unfamiliar with how they—or even just recruiters—work, or maybe you’re just not sure whether temp work is a good idea for you. Maybe you’re just thinking: how does a staffing firm work?  Regardless, here are some signs you’re an ideal candidate to work with a staffing firm.

1. Anyone Unemployed, Particularly When Job Applications Are Moving Slowly

Because staffing agencies help fill temporary, but often full-time, positions, they’re a great resource for someone who’s between jobs. By just searching for staffing agencies near me or temporary agencies near me, you’ll be able to quickly identify agencies with the type of work you’re looking for. If you’re currently unemployed, whether by choice or as a result of a layoff, temporary positions are a great way to continue building skills (and your resume) while looking for long-term work. As Karla Miller, author of the Washington Post’s work advice column recently told Glassdoor, “Besides helping pay the rent, temporary gigs in your chosen field are a good way to enter the market and make a name for yourself before you commit to an employer.” Plus, it’s not just a rumor—many of these temp positions turn into full-time job offers.

2. People Who Aren’t Seeing the Positions (or Companies) They Want

Sometimes, no matter how deep you dive into industry job boards, you don’t find the roles you’re seeking. Here’s the beautiful thing about the teams at staffing agencies: they know people. Not only that, they’ve built their reputation by working with companies to hire for various positions over time, so those companies often turn to them first before posting openings elsewhere. This means that working with a source staffing agency in your industry may give you first dibs, including some roles that never get posted on LinkedIn. If you work in a particularly specialized role or field, that can mean the difference between a months-long job search and finding a role within a few weeks.

3. People Who Know They Need New Skills for Their Dream Job

Let’s say that the company you work for isn’t in your desired industry (likely because you’ve decided you want to make a major career transition). This puts you in an awkward position where your resume doesn’t look like other candidates’. And while that can actually be a good thing—you can play up why you’re more well-rounded than more traditional applicants—it’s a lot easier to get a company’s attention if you’ve done at least some work in the same industry. Cue temp positions which allow you to beef up the skills section on your resume and help you fill experience gaps.

4. …Or That They Need New Connections

The other problem you might run into when switching industries is a lack of networking opportunities. Working a series of temp jobs at companies that align with your career goals means meeting countless people who already work in the industry. This is a prime opportunity to expand and cultivate your professional network. As you connect with new colleagues, they can introduce you to others in the field, provide you with valuable advice, and will likely think of you when a new opportunity pops up especially if you impress them during your temporary tenure.

5. People Who Aren’t Sure What They Want to Do Next

Maybe you know you need a new job but you have no idea what that job looks like. That’s okay! Looking for staffing agencies near me will help you start by searching for the local area, and ensure work close to home. Also searching for temporary agencies near me will allow you to “try before you buy”, meaning you can use some of your skills to explore new roles without risking another false start. As you take on temp work, you’ll know pretty quickly whether the fashion or finance or food and wine industries are actually right for you. You’ll also start to get a sense of what roles or tasks you enjoy and what you don’t. It’s almost like taking an immersion language course — but in this case, you’re learning to speak career happiness. What’s more important than that?

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