5 Tips to Make This Bottling Season a Success

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Wineries both big and small have financial obligations when it comes to wine production and bottling. Wine quality and production timing are two major factors that can impact your brand’s success this season. And preventative maintenance can help keep your production on time by limiting avoidable mistakes.

Here are five tips to help keep this year’s bottling season running smoothly.

1. Utilize Social Media

This is 18 1 1Get creative with your marketing. Using social media platforms is a great way to stay connected with the public, your customers, and winery guests. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are inexpensive ways to keep your brand front and center in a competitive market. As a bonus, it should steer people back to your website for more details.

You can let your customers know about your winery’s events and specials. As well, share interesting facts about the grape-growing and bottling process, to set your winery apart as an expert in the industry.

2. Perform Necessary Sanitation

Properly cleaning and sanitizing your bottling and capping system is key to preserving flavor and consistency. As well as equipment, your sanitation protocol should include spoons, funnels, and any other utensil used in the bottling process.

3. Storage

Be sure to check your storage and refrigeration systems for required maintenance such as cleaning and replacing filters and lightbulbs. Be sure to include your refrigeration and storage system in your cleaning schedule.

And with supply chain issues still causing problems globally, securing bottling consumables such as bottles and corks well in advance can help to prevent delays in the bottling process.

4. Software

If you use a software management system, check with your provider to make sure your business is getting the most out of all its features––that includes production, inventory, billing, and shipping tools. Likewise, perform recommended computer and software updates and maintenance to avoid unnecessary technical issues during bottling season.

5. Staffing

There are many jobs in which employees can train on the job, and wine production is one of them. While it’s critical that your employees are able to perform their jobs with skill, their capacity to do their job with passion is also important. Wine bottling requires patience and an eye for detail so be sure to hire staff that shares your work ethic. Be sure to start bottling season with success by ensuring all team members are current on training and certifications. For more insight, be sure to check other Star Staffing’s HR blogs!



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