Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes for Remote Employees and Teams

Work-appropriate Halloween Costumes Rosie the Riveter

It’s that spooky time of year again. It can be a challenge to find a comfortable, creative, and work-appropriate costume – especially with teams working remotely. But no matter if you’re the newest employee or the leader of a team, everyone can have fun with these costume options below.

Remember to be mindful if you have meetings or presentations on costumes day. Consider choosing costume below that fits your company’s meeting culture and allows you to be confident while you work.

We’ve also included Halloween costume DONT’s at the end of this blog, so be sure to check those before you show up on costume day.

Here are 3 lists of work-appropriate Halloween Costumes – and 1 list of Costume-DONT’S:

  1. Work Costumes for You
  2. Remote/WFH Costumes
  3. Team Costumes
  4. Halloween Costume DONT’S

For employers: Be sure to also check out 6 Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Work during COVID


Work-appropriate costumes

1. Country Scarecrow
Work-appropriate Halloween Costume Scarecrow

2. Where’s Waldo

Work-appropriate Halloween Costumes Where's Waldo


3. Rosie the Riveter

Work-appropriate Halloween Costumes Rosie the Riveter

4. Harry Potter or Hermoine Granger

Work-appropriate Halloween Costumes Harry Potter


5. Cowboy or Cowgirl

Work-appropriate Halloween Costumes Cowgirl

Pro-tip: Ditch any violent looking props for alternatives like a Sherrif’s pin, a bandana, or a lasso!


6. Frankenstein’s Monster

Work-appropriate Halloween Costumes Frankenstein


7. Nifty 50s Costume

Work-appropriate Halloween Costumes 50s Costume


8. Halloween Pumpkin

Work-appropriate Halloween Costumes Pumpkin


Costumes Great for Remote/WFH Teammates

Wigs, facepaint, hats, and above-the-neck accessories are your best friends for costumes when working from home and celebrating via video.

1. Dia De Los Muertos/Sugar Skull Costume

Zoom Remote WFH Costume Dia De Los Muertos

2. Neo or Trinity from the Matrix

Zoom Remote WFH Costume Matrix Neo Trinity

Pro-Tip: If you’re virtual, change your background to go with your costume!

3. Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie

Zoom Remote WFH Costume David Bowie Ziggy Stardust

4. Treasure-Hunting Pirate

Zoom Remote WFH Costume Pirate


5. Spooky Skeleton 

Zoom Remote WFH Costume Skeleton

6. Wicked Witch

Zoom Remote WFH Costume Witch


7. Surgeon

Zoom Remote WFH Costume Surgeon


Team Costumes

1. Fruit & Veggies!

Team Halloween Costumes Fruit

2. Wild Animals 

Team Halloween Costumes Animals


3. Super Heroes


Team Halloween Costumes Super Hero Wonder Woman


4. Hot Sauces

Team Halloween Costumes Hot Sauce

These are Star Costume Content Winners from a previous year. Each Halloween, we hold a costume contest online where anyone can vote for our winners! Follow us to vote in our costume contest this year on Facebook and LinkedIn.

And don’t worry – our hot sauce team is safely firing up new team costumes this year 6 feet apart.


5. Movie Characters 

Team Halloween Costumes Ghostbusters Team Halloween Costumes Breakfast Club


Halloween Costume Dont’s

  • No full over-the-face masks: Of course, masks are part of our everyday lives, but at work, a full face mask can be intimidating or make co-workers feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not wear anything overly-revealing: This goes for everyone in the office – Remember, you’re still at work. Your office likely has a good guideline for this so if you’re unsure, ask HR.
  • Costumes shouldn’t prohibit you from working: Choose a costume that you can still work in safely and effectively.
  • No weapon-like props: For your safety, and others, do not risk bringing any violent costume accessories to work. Trust us, your team will still know you’re a pirate without the sword!
  • Be mindful of others: Steer very clear of any costumes that could be considered cultural appropriation, too gory-looking, or politically charged. If you’re unsure, ask your manager or HR.
  • Do not pressure anyone to dress up: Some teammates won’t want to participate for a variety of reasons and that’s perfectly fine. Let these teammates know you appreciate them and be sure to include them in another team activity soon.


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