5-Star Recruiting Process

Our recruiting process gets you quality employees faster.

How we Recruit Quickly and Efficiently

We use a wide and unique variety of resources to reach active and passive job seekers to fill your roles with quality employees quickly! Our targeted recruiting and a broad reach of local talent has awarded us the #1 temporary staffing firm in Northern California.

Recruiting Process & Methodologies

Star Staffing App

Our proprietary mobile app works around the clock to connect your open roles with the most qualified employees so we can fill your jobs with quality talent fast.

Star Staffing Website

With a high volume of unique and local website visitors, our website supercharges our recruiting efforts to lock in more quality, local employees than any large job board.

Targeted E-Cruiting

Your job is immediately posted to multiple job boards getting you awesome candidate quickly. We take advantage of career-related job boards for highly specialized searches.

Weekly Job Fairs

Each Star Staffing branch has weekly jobs fairs.
We continuously bring in fresh and vetted local talent to fill your roles and meet your business needs quickly and efficiently.

Out-of-Home Marketing

You may have seen our billboards or bus ads. You may have heard our radio ads.
You may have seen our print ads in local papers. We are unignorable in our local markets which is why we have the best talent pools to fill your roles fast.

Public Relations

We reach both local, community-based publications and nationwide audiences. From our many published articles, fully-loaded press releases, and community awards, our reach has both breadth and depth.

Referral Incentive Program

Our team members, both in-house and on-assignment have proven to be our best resource to attract top talent. We offer an aggressive referral program that ensures we lock in the best local talent.

Social Media Recruiting

We post jobs regularly on 4 local staffing-managed Facebook Groups with 20,000+ members. We also post and interact with members of 25+ additional groups with active job seekers.

Office Traffic

Our walk-in traffic supplies eager, local candidates each week - many who were referred to us by a friend or family member and ready to get started working for you.

Local and Regional Recruiting

We partner with local higher educations institutions, trade schools, employment development departments and community associations to find candidates who are immediately available for work.

Active Online Social Networks

We strategically use social networks to access a broad, but local, market of qualified candidates. We're able to identify ready-to-work candidates who cannot be found by other sources.

Direct Marketing and Recruiting

We directly contact candidates that are actively working in a similar position but seeking better opportunities. Through calls, emails, texts, and more, we reach local, qualified candidates to ensure you get a STAR employee.

Screening and Selection

Our screening and selection process is thorough to ensure the perfect fit for your role and company. Our comprehensive process matches skills, personality, experience, safety requirements, background checks and more to ensure only qualified individuals who will get the job done safely and efficiently work for you.

Get your Next Rockstar Employee

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