3 Steps to Get a Job in the Wine Industry

How to get a job in the wine industry

Love the idea of working in the wine industry in beautiful Napa Valley or Sonoma County? Want to learn more about how wine is grown and made? Do you really just like drinking wine? (us too!) If this sounds like you, then we want to help you get a job in the wine industry and live out your dream!

Here’s the step-by-step strategy to getting a dream job in the wine industry as well as some resources to help you get started. Harvest season is coming up fast, so it’s the perfect time to snag the best seasonal or full-time job at a winery.

Steps to Get a Job in the Wine Industry

1. Research wine industry jobs and locations

Do your research! Learn about the types of wine jobs that suit your preferences, skill set, and future goals. You can even search for our open and available wine jobs here.

Do you want to work on the bottling line ensuring quality with inspecting bottles, casing bottles, and labeling? What about in the cellar department assisting in crushing, fermentation, blending, barrel aging, finishing, and storage of products? How about as a tasting room assistant assisting customers with the finest selection of wines? Learn about wine production in these roles and help contribute to the output of a vineyard or winery. If you desire to get into bottling, consider doing some preliminary research (we like this article!) to see what the bottling process entails and how to get started. Alternatively, skip straight to talking to our wine industry recruiters who can help you find the best fit for your search.

Since wine is a worldwide commodity and more tasting rooms and bottle shops are popping up all over the place, now is a ripe time to break into the wine industry.

2. Start planning for your interview

Do your research

Do you know enough about wine and the winemaking process to hold your own during an interview? How do your skills transfer over to the wine-making or selling process? If you’ve ever been curious about how wine is made, check out the detailed process here.

Don’t forget that an eager attitude comes through positively in an interview.

Once you have a solid understanding of the winemaking industry, you can feel confident in your applications and interviews.

Optimize your resume and social profiles

If you have prior winery experience then your resume may stand out. Even if you’re looking to break into the wine industry, you can still create a tailored and valuable resume that sets you at the top of the interview list.

Consider using an interview and resume checklist to make sure you know how to position yourself during an interview and know what types of work experiences you can put on your resume even if you don’t have relevant industry experience.

We all know that social profiles can help you land a job. Another tip is to get your professional social media profiles, like LinkedIn, up to date. Update your profiles with all the relevant experiences you’ve had. Don’t be afraid to share interesting articles about the industry to show your passion for the craft. Be sure to present yourself professionally on other social outlets like Facebook and Instagram or set your profiles to “private”.

3. Apply to wine industry jobs

Now that you know that you’ve done your research and you’ve identified where you’d like to work within the wine industry, it’s time to start applying! In order to get access to all the best wine industry jobs and get a leg up in getting hired, consider partnering with a wine industry recruiting firm in your area that knows how to leverage your current skills to get you your dream job.

  • You may be able to find wine job listings close to your home, especially if you live in Napa, California, or Sonoma County. If not, it may be wise to be open to relocating in order to get the best chance to get a job in the wine industry.
  • Try to be one of the first applicants to new wine roles. Try to sign up for email alerts (we’ve got you covered with our Star App!). Our job app sends push notifications to your phone when hot new wine jobs open up in your area and lets you apply with just a tap!
  • After your interview, always send a “thank you” email and call out something specific that you found interesting, liked about the company, or inspired you. It shows you are attentive and communicative.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up on applications. It’s good to stay top of mind so long as you remain kind, professional, and not pushy.
  • Leverage your network: If you have friends, colleagues, or family members who can make an introduction to someone who works in wine, ask to make a connection with them.


Located in the Northern California area? Book time with a recruiter at any of our locations and let us be your friendly resource to breaking into the wine industry.

For more information about Star Staffing and how we can get you that next wine industry job, contact us, and let’s get your wine career started.

Good luck with your job search!


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