Jump Start Your Career in 2021 with These Resume Boosting Tips!

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The new year offers us a blank canvas, time to start fresh and renew ourselves from the year past. Learning how to boost your resume can help fill those pages with a fresh, new, and promising career. Use what time you have left of this year to focus on how you can grow and improve professionally into an employee everyone wants to hire.

Here are 4 ways you can boost your resume, so employers take notice.

  1. Create a Compelling Career Summary

Your career summary can help you stand out from your competition. It needs to grab the readers attention and keep them engaged. Avoid re-listing your accomplishments and talents and focus on creating a full picture of who you are as an employee. When writing your summary, think about it in terms of a story.  Paint a picture that makes you the hero or heroine. Review your current summary and evaluate where you need to make changes to really attract an employer.

  1. Update Your Layout and Format

Once you have your career objective and goals in mind, you’ll want to reevaluate the look and feel of your resume. Consider updating your skills, training, and overall experience with what you’ve learned over the past year. Bullet points are a must as they enhance the formatting of your resume and showcase achievements and accomplishments. If you’re already using bullet points, see if there are any skills that could be combined or eliminated to make sure your resume is tight and succinct.

  1. Revise Your Title

If you are including a title on your resume, it should be compelling and convey the position you are seeking. Consider your core strengths when creating a title. The New Year is the perfect time of year to update your title to ensure it is consistent with your current career goals and overall experience.

  1. Shorten Your Resume

Most people just add new job experience in their existing resumes without evaluating and removing old and/or irrelevant information. This method gives you a resume that is far too long and wordy and loses the attention of the employer. Most employers are only interested in the past 10 to 15 years of your job history. Using this as a rule of thumb can help you crop out unnecessary information and create a more succinct and up-to-date resume.

Refresh and Renew Your Resume

Refreshing your resume for the New Year can help attract employers and prepare you for new opportunities that may come your way. Be sure to send your updated resume to the team at Star Staffing so they can help you find the career you’ve been searching for.