6 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged This Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year again when the ghouls and goblins of Halloween come out, and the holiday season officially begins. It can be easy to get swept up in the holiday spirit and get distracted, especially at work. Employees are gearing up for the season of thanks and giving, but you still have a business to run. What can you do for all your employees, including seasonal or temporary employees, to keep them engaged and on task this holiday season?


1. Take the Lead and Set an Example

How can you boost employee engagement if you aren’t even engaged yourself? Show your team how to hold themselves accountable for closing out the year on a successful note by holding yourself accountable first. When you are transparent with them, this will let them see that it’s possible to have just the right work/ holiday balance.


2. Alternative Schedules Can Be Key

Providing employees with alternative schedules is something that many staffing experts will tell you is the secret to workplace productivity during the holidays. Using a workforce management system that offers flex days or even the option for telecommuting can really make a world of difference. Define the guidelines and eligibility for these options ahead of time so that everything continues to run smoothly and no one gets confused.


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3. Plan Holiday Activities at Work

The year is winding down, and everyone is itching for a little bit of holiday fun.  Break up the monotony of your workday by planning holiday activities — we recently wrote a list of 50+ office parties for every budget, including holiday parties. An end-of-the-year goal-hitting contest may be a great way to increase productivity while recognizing the holiday season. A small mid-day party is another chance to show your employees that you care and help keep them in the holiday spirit. Creativity really does go a long way.


4. Recognize Their Achievements

Acknowledging the work that your employees have completed over the past year is a great way to keep them engaged and on track to hit end-of-the-year goals. Show them that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and not only will they finish the year strong but start off the next year with the right attitude.


5. Embrace the Holiday Season with Your Employees

As an employer and member of management, you should NOT ignore the holiday season to keep your employees focused and engaged with work. A good leader is someone who embraces the holidays to provide employees with alternative ways to increase productivity and have fun at the same time. One great way to start? By expressing gratitude for each one of your employees (for inspiration, check out our article on 60+ compliments for coworkers).

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