Ask the Hiring Boss: It’s a New Year — When’s the best time to ask for a raise?


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Dear Hiring Boss,

The last few years have been strange for our company, to say the least, so I haven’t received a performance-based raise since 2018. January is also my work anniversary. Typically, our company gives bonuses around the holidays, so it feels strange to ask for a raise right after that. Or is it? Should I wait? We don’t have formal performance reviews, so I can’t use that to help guide my timing. 

– Ready for a Raise


Dear RFR,

First, I’ll start with good news: January is a great time of year to ask for a raise at most companies. According to LinkedIn data, it’s the month when companies dole out the most promotions, which typically come with raises.

So yes, you can ask for a raise in January. A couple of other things to consider: The conventional advice I’ve heard over and over again is to time your ask around 1.) when your company reviews its annual budget or 2.) about a month before the performance review season. Which brings me to the elephant in the room: Why doesn’t your company give formal performance reviews?  

I would strongly encourage you to spearhead an effort to launch a performance review policy at your company in 2023. It’s just good for business.

And yes, ask for a raise ASAP! Just remember to come prepared with a performance-based argument. Did your recruiting efforts cut down on time-to-fill, thereby saving your company money? Has there been an increase in retention rates since you joined? It sounds like you’ve spent a lot of time with your company and will have the stats to prove it!

Go get that money, honey.


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