7 Ways to Make Yourself More Valuable at Work

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Are you valuable at work? More importantly, when leadership thinks of you, do they see you as and indispensable employee?

In the corporate world, the secret to moving up the corporate ladder is to make yourself as valuable as possible to your employer. Aside from having valuable skills and expertise, it’s important to show the behaviors and attitudes that make you a key ingredient of the company’s success. Not sure what these behaviors and attitudes are?

Listed below are seven steps to increase your value as an employee, plus a checklist to get a sense of whether your boss thinks you’re indispensable at work already.


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  • 7 Ways to Increase Your Value as an Employee
    • Get consistent
    • Cultivate a positive perspective
    • Work on your flexibility
    • Grow your network
    • Improve your communication skills
    • Improve your on-the-job skills
    • Ask for feedback and set goals


How to Make Yourself More Valuable at Work


1. Stay Consistent With Your Attendance, Work, and Results

Valuable employees are those who show consistency in their work ethic and performance. Even if you’re extremely skilled and talented, if you have a poor work ethic or you’re consistently tardy or absent, don’t expect to be seen as a reliable employee.


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2. Nurture a Positive Attitude

Sure, everyone has good and bad days, but the people who are assets to their employers don’t allow their bad days to get in the way of their work, nor do they let their bad days affect those around them. They choose to set things aside and see the silver lining in their negative experience. Remember, nobody likes working with someone who’s constantly being pessimistic or negative.


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3. Be Accepting of Change

Bosses appreciate employees who embrace positive change instead of standing in the way and complaining. Not only that, workers who can adapt quickly and efficiently are often prioritized whenever training and learning opportunities are available. Aside from being receptive to change, it’s also important to suggest positive changes and help others buy into these changes.

Valuable employee tip: If you’re prone to anxiety and stress, practicing some small mindfulness rituals can dramatically improve your workday. Whether that’s taking 15 minutes to walk on your lunch break or pausing to breath before entering a meeting, slowing down can dramatically increase your ability to show up as a valued employee.


4. Grow Your Personal Network

Your friends and acquaintances make up your personal network. The larger your network, the more valuable you are to your employers. When you are someone people want to work with, or someone who can make recommendations based on your friends and acquaintances, you are already adding value to your organization.

Valuable employee tip: Here are some of our favorite compliments for coworkers. Use them to build a better relationship with the people you see every day.


5. Hone Your Communication Skills

Being able to articulate your thoughts and ideas in a clear and direct manner helps you stand out as a valuable worker. Effective communication isn’t just about knowing how to speak and write, it’s also about being a skilled listener—someone who people can confide in and come to for advice.


6. Never Stop Learning

No matter how smart or skilled you are, someone will always be better and know more than you do. So, it’s important to maintain a desire to learn and hone your craft, whether it’s by acquiring new skills, seeking continuing education, or even just reading more books. As you gain more skills and knowledge, be sure to let your leadership know so they see your value.


7. Ask for Feedback and Goals

A currently valued employee is one thing — but a valued employee who clearly will bring even more value in the future is another. If you don’t have regularly scheduled performance reviews with your supervisor, ask for formal feedback. During this conversation, explain that you want to grow within the company and ask what opportunities there might be available to you to do that. Most companies are struggling with employee retention right now — if they value you as an employee, they’ll do whatever it takes to help you grow with the company!


Checklist: Are You a Valued Employee at Work?

If you’re not sure where you stand, try asking yourself the following questions. The more “yes” answers, the more your employer and coworkers think you’re indispensable at work.


  • Do I get along well with most, or all, of my coworkers?
  • When issues arise with coworkers, do I work to understand them better?
  • Am I an active listener, even when receiving negative feedback or criticism?
  • Do my coworkers come to me for my thoughts or ideas, even on projects that I’m not assigned to?
  • Do I show up consistently every day on time?
  • By and large, would I describe myself as a positive person to work with?
  • Is my work always of the highest quality?
  • Do I work well independently and in groups?
  • Has my boss provided positive feedback to me, or expressed his or her gratitude, in the last 90 days? (If not, it might be time to request a meeting to discuss how everything’s going!)
  • Have I been promoted at work recently? Or have I received a raise?
  • Was my last performance review positive?
  • Can I describe in 2-3 sentences why I’m a valuable employee?


Are some of your answers to this checklist “no” or “I’m not sure”? That’s perfectly okay! Scroll up to read our seven tips for how to increase your value as an employee, then come back to this checklist in 30 or 60 days.



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