Simple Steps to Be the Best and Brightest Bottling Worker

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The bottling industry generates billions of dollars annually, and bottling workers play a critical role in making that happen. While less formal training is required to start, the job does require reasonable levels of fitness since bottling workers often need to lift 40 to 50 pounds of weight, navigate stairs, and transport cartons.

Here’s how you can become an exceptional bottling worker.

  1. Exercise care when working, and pay attention to details

Pay careful attention to details while performing your work. Make sure you exercise care while handling ingredients and measuring liquids. Listening carefully to instructions during onsite training sessions will also help you excel at your job.

  1. Be cautious while operating equipment

Most bottling jobs involve hand-bottling techniques, as well as operating both semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment. Bottling workers need to be adept at operating machinery and filling, capping and labeling bottles. Jobs at high-tech bottling plants may also involve working with robots.

  1. Focus on ongoing equipment maintenance and upkeep

Consistent equipment maintenance helps reduce downtime. Ensure that you promptly report breakdowns to your supervisor. Keep a careful eye on all moving machine components and report malfunctions as soon as possible. Inspect machinery carefully and make it a point to take an active role in preventative maintenance tasks.

Having basic mechanical skills is a big plus as a bottling worker. Being able to correct a malfunctioning piece of equipment and restart the production line is an extremely desirable skill to have. Reading up on equipment manuals and consulting your supervisor can help you tackle mechanical breakdowns.

  1. Follow instructions as they are provided

Performing tasks in line with instructions helps prevent mistakes during filling, labeling, and packing. Be sure to pay extra close attention and take notes if needed so you can be sure you are producing quality work. Also, be sure to space labels and affix them to the correct spot with accuracy.

Working Your Way to Become an Outstanding Bottling Worker

The ability to cross-train with different assembly line functions will earn you brownie points as a bottling worker. It also helps if you can work under minimal supervision and integrate yourself with a team. What’s more, performing your job well can get you eventually result in a promotion to line or assembly manager. Plus, there are often lucrative opportunities to earn overtime.

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