Top 10 Work Compliments for Employees

Top 10 Work Compliments for Employees

From verbal to non-verbal acts of gratitude, every teammate needs to be appreciated from time to time. Giving work-appropriate compliments is simple and effective!

Here are 10 thoughtful work compliments for employees and teammates to help you get started.

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Top 10 Work Compliments For Your Employees

1. “I love how you did X to complete X.”

Don’t just appreciate them for what they did, but how they did it. This lets them know exactly how they were successful and the tools to duplicate their positive actions.


2. “Thank you for working on that project. You helped us hit X goal!”

Help employees know exactly how they impacted your team positively. There’s nothing better than knowing you helped hit a target goal!


3. “I appreciate how you led that meeting. Let’s go to lunch!”

Reward your employee with a compliment and a little something special. This makes them feel appreciated and celebrated.


4. “I wish I knew how to do X as you do, thank you for your work!”

Show some vulnerability. Does your designer have skills that you don’t? Let them know! They’ll feel seen and recognized for their efforts and unique skillset that they bring to the team.


5. “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Make sure your employees feel indispensable. They will feel like they have a special place within your team and this often re-invigorates teammates to continue showing up and being engaged.


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6. “We’re so glad we hired you.”

If your teammate is newer, express your positive return on investment by hiring them, they will feel the same about you!


7. “Thank you for all your hard work, you’re this month’s employee of the month!”

Make your appreciation for your employees public. Their coworkers and peers will be able to acknowledge their positive impact and how it affects other members of the organization.

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8. “I really appreciated that you picked up that shift for X. Please take a day off on me.”

Compliment their ability to be a team player when the team needs them the most. If possible, return the favor to them in some way!


9. “Can I be a reference for you? I want to share your accomplishments.”

Does your employee need a reference from you for a promotion or other professional necessity? Tell them you’d like to be an advocate for them and they will feel extremely complimented.


10. No words, just actions.

Consider offering bonuses, promotions, thoughtful gifts, etc. in lieu of praise. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.


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