How to Know When to Stay and When to Leave Your Job

How to know when to stay and when to leave your jobs

Knowing when to leave your job isn’t always easy. Whether the frustration-creep is due to a lack of professional growth opportunities or to mental fatigue, discerning between emotional and logical reasons for wanting a job change requires some serious reflection.

It could be that your skillset doesn’t match the responsibilities of your current position. Or, it could be that your company’s productivity expectations aren’t realistic, which made way for discouragement to set in. This is why both feeling that you’re qualified to perform your job duties and that you’ve been given the resources and training necessary to do so contribute to success on the job.

So while there may be indisputable reasons to resign, here are three not-so-black-and-white reasons to consider when thinking about staying or leaving your current job.

Should I Stay or Should I Leave My Job?

Workplace dissatisfaction has a variety of triggers. Often, the dissatisfaction is a direct result of tapping out raises, promotions, and development opportunities. Even something as simple as not feeling challenged in day-to-day tasks can lead to a mental slump that’s hard to shake off. Yet, do these reasons justify leaving a stable employment situation?

Maybe. Maybe not.

If all other aspects of your current situation are in your favor––like great benefits and job security––walking away might not be the wisest decision. Unless, of course, you do land that dream job that can take you to the next level. Whatever you do, don’t quit your current gig while hunting for a new position. Active employment can be a confidence booster during the interview process and gives leverage when negotiating salary and benefits.

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What Should I Do If Now Isn’t the Time to Leave?

If you’re not 100 percent sure that leaving your current job is the smartest move at the moment, consider seeking out company-sponsored opportunities for professional development. As well, proactively engage your management so they’re aware of your desire to tackle some new challenges. Sometimes taking on a new project or training in a different division might just be the mix you’re needing.

If additional opportunities aren’t readily available in the office but you’re still not ready to walk away, try looking for opportunities outside of work. Equally important could be pursuing a new interest or hobby. It may be exactly what you need to take your frustration at work down a notch or two, preventing you from resigning prematurely.

Once you are certain you’ve exhausted your options to remedy your dissatisfaction, looking for a new position elsewhere may be the logical conclusion. But don’t let frustration with your current employer cloud your discernment once you do receive other job offers. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The key is to be sure you’re not simply trading one set of frustrations for another.

Weigh Compensation Within the Bigger Picture

If you feel like your salary is below the market standard, you may feel compelled to seek out more lucrative opportunities in your industry. Alas, there’s more to consider than just take-home pay when comparing compensation packages.

Because not all employers can offer top dollar, they often try to compete for top talent in other ways. Some companies compensate staff with bonuses or generous benefits packages. Other companies provide hybrid or flexible work schedules that require fewer hours in the office. On the flip side, a high salary can come with hefty expectations. The demand for increased productivity and possibly even excessive overtime might be attached to those dollar signs.

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