HR’s Biggest Lessons from 2021

HR's Biggest Lessons from 2021

HR’s Biggest Lessons from 2021

For HR departments across the nation, 2021 has been a time of intense transition. COVID has ushered in a new normal and has redefined what it means to keep employees engaged and healthy. Whereas HR traditionally has been more of a passive administrative component of the workplace, now its mission is becoming increasingly digital, adaptive, and proactive in terms of staff recruiting and retention. Without further adieu, here are the biggest lessons HR learned in 2021.

Sustaining Flexibility

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The pandemic not only disrupted normalcy in the workplace but also intensified the need for responsiveness to an ever-changing environment. HR departments everywhere were expected to implement and manage all the moving parts for remote operations; in some cases, for the first time. In the process, a key discovery was the importance of maintaining balanced work-life schedules in supporting mental wellbeing and health. This HR lesson was learned early on in 2021 but continues to be critical for employers and employees.

Not surprisingly, soft skills like empathy are key in contributing to that balance. Whether it’s recognizing employee burnout, assisting staff with childcare needs, or supporting staff members during family changes, flexibility is essential. Flexibility also gives HR departments an advantage when it comes to hiring and employee retention.

Developing and Emphasizing Company Culture

The role of HR is more than just executing procedures and protocols. Its role includes communicating the company’s values and culture, and focusing on employee experience, with an emphasis on a company culture that esteems good communication both vertically and horizontally.

From onboarding to team challenges, it’s essential that the general atmosphere is inclusive and engaging. And this includes leadership––increasing diversity and equity from top-down helps in increasing trust from the bottom up.


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Updating Approaches to Recruiting and Skill Development

Recruiting and retention also include dynamic approaches to making sure employees have the necessary skills. These proactive responses could mean either training staff in order to retain them in current positions or transitioning staff to more suitable positions.

As well, employers are benefiting from thinking outside the box when hiring. Not only pursuing candidates with position experience but more broadly tapping candidates based on skills.

Execution of Change and Employee Engagement to Drive Future HR Success

If 2021 taught us any lesson, it was the significance of the HR team’s ability to adapt to changes. Adaptation is critical to future business success and employee satisfaction. For more insight, be sure to check other Star Staffing’s HR blogs!



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